AirTable course

Course goal

Are you tired of postponing your project idea while spending time on learning fundamentals that seem not to bring you any closer to your goal? This course will show you a shortcut to start designing your application. You will learn AirTable, a user-friendly database that will expose you to many challenges of data modeling. The skill you will gain here is crucial for any programming or system design. You will do something similar while designing classes in any language (Python, JavaScript, or C#), or tables or collections in other databases.

How you will learn

  • In the course, we will model data for school scheduling applications, which helps organize groups, teachers, & classrooms for a week.
  • Each section will introduce a bit of theory, and right after it we will work together on using it in our case
  • After each section, you will have an assignment to apply what you learned to your application idea!

Early registration

You can sign up now, and get access to the course when it's ready. You will get occasional emails with additional materials related to the course topic.