GitLab course

Are you done wasting your time building & deploying from your local machine? Or tired with nonproductive discussions of what is working fine on one dev machine but failing on another? In this course, you will learn how to set up Continues Integration (CI) with GitLab - a DevOps platform that lets you host, verify & deploy your code.

Setting up Continues Integration for your project will let you:

  • run code checks, build & deploy from an external machine - saving you time & mental headspace to focus on what’s really important in your job & be more productive
  • verify the changes from your team before they land on the main branch - forcing the person that was to break the code to fix it first & let everybody else continue delivering their work in the meantime
  • creat a shared reference point for all the code checks - everybody in the team will have a place to compare with if any of the tasks fails locally - saving you all time on crosschecking between local machines
  • creat a history log for all the checks - if any breaking change will slip in, you will be able to easily identify the first failing commit & jump right into fixing the issue

This course:

  • will follow a simple application that contains frontend, backend & database parts - similar to what you can expect from any real word application - so you will be able to apply learnings from here directly to your day-to-day work
  • will show you how to set up a monorepo covering all parts - even though it’s a bit more complex in set up, it simplifies full-stack development & allows for atomic commits between backend & frontend - reducing the mental overhead of many nontrivial changes
  • will share artifacts via GitLab infrastructure - so you don’t need other providers for stuff already provided by GitLab - therefore saving you configuration headaches & probably money
  • will be short & focused on the topic that brought you here - so you will be actually able to finish it in one afternoon & use it in your work the very next day - forget the frustration of hours-long courses you never can finish

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