How to add source map to the esbuild configuration

In this article, I'll show you how to add a source map to the setup we developed so far in this series.

What is source map

As we introduce any bundling or compiling step to our application, we start to have a difference between what's in our source code & what's run on the browser. This is especially problematic in debugging, or error logs - the browser shows us the building code, while we try to fix the issue in the source. Source map allows the browser to map the code that it executes to the source.

Enabling source map

To enable the source map, we need to add to esbuild.config.js:


    outfile: "www/main.js",
+   sourcemap: true,
  { root: "www" }

With this in place, after we restart the server we can see the source in the development tool in the browser. Here example from firefox:



The repo, the branch.

You can check out my video course about esbuild.


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