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How to dev

How to dev

Mentoring for junior JavaScript developers

Learning to program can be an overwhelming project, especially when one is alone in navigating all the available options. There are so many:

  • languages to choose from
  • multiple frameworks in any of the languages
  • many other layers to consider, as I wrote in my framework post

Some lucky junior developers have access to mentoring in their day job - may be nothing formalized, but one helpful colleague that helps them improve their skills. For sure, I benefited a lot from the support of more experienced developers in my team. In some cases, it was just a short discussion, but it helped me improve a lot in a short time.

On this blog, I'm primarily focused on stuff that could be helpful for javascript developers. I want it to be a resource that is useful on its own, and at the same time let me connect to people who could be interested in products I'm creating - video course for esbuild & webpack.

It's one thing to promote a product, but it's much more important to understand the challenges of our potential customers. I'm interested in understanding better people like you, so my article & my course will help solve real problems you guys face.

So as you see, I believe strongly in mentoring; and I want to understand better people who read this blog. Because of that, I opened a profile at codingcoach. It's is a community where people offer free-of-charge technology mentoring.

I'm looking forward to finding 2~3 people with whom we will help each other in our projects - me helping them navigate their programming journey, them allowing me to know my market better.

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